July 15

Best Wine Cooler for Your Kitchen in 2022

For you to have a wine collection of dazzling wines, your wine cooler should be the next big investment in your home. If you’ve been storing wine in a regular kitchen, this is 2022, and that should change. You can’t have the best of your wine if the temperature isn’t ideal.

Well, you may not know what you’ve been missing out on until you buy a wine cooler. Wine coolers meet the need of storing and serving wine at the best temperature. To avoid constant fluctuations and air into the wine, you have to keep your wine bottles in the wine fridge.

We have gathered a collection of wine fridges, based on wine fridge dimensions, bottle capacity, and durability. You should continue reading.

1. Wine enthusiast 32-bottle dual zone wine cooler:

This is from a trusted brand. It has a very simple, yet classy design. This particular wine cooler is dual-zone and can store both red and white wines at optimum temperature. Among the best wine coolers, you’ll find online, this wine cooler is exceptional.

It has a black tinted glass. However, it cannot be built in or made to fit into counters. Reviews tell us a lot about this wine fridge, and you should make it your choice if you can afford its price.

2. Ivation 21-bottle wine cooler:

This wine cooler can contain 21 wine bottles. It has a space below to contain odd bottles such as champagne bottles that are bigger than usual. However, it is a single zone, and uses a compressor but with reduced noise. It is very affordable.

3. Edgestar 7-bottle built-in wine cooler:

If you are looking for a mini cooler that doesn’t take much space and contains a few bottles, this is a good option. It has a reversible door. Another great quality of this mini fridge is that it has a great design and is very okay in price.

Of course, it is highly durable and can store wine of the same type because it has a single temperature zone.

4. KitchenAid 46-bottle dual zone wine cooler:

It has a dimension of 34.2×23.9×26.4. According to reviews from customer experiences, this wine fridge is very durable and can last for 10 years if maintenance practices are in place. The door panel can be customized to fit into your kitchen cabinets. It has a UV glass that prevents your wine from too much light and sun rays.

5. EuroCave Premiere L Wine Cooler:

This particular wine cooler is a valuable one that can contain up to 178 bottles. If you are looking forward to indulging in a serious wine collection, this is a great fit and replacement for the wine cellar. It measures 72×27×27.25. It has great features such as a customizable solid door. It is a balanced buy for you if you can afford its price.

6. Kalamera 24 Wine Refrigerator:

This can be built-in or freestanding. It has two temperature zones: 40-50°F and 50-66°F suitable for both reds and whites. It has low or no vibration—which is great for wines, has reversible doors, and has a very beautiful black-silver interior.


These 6 wine coolers top the class of wine coolers you’ll find in the store. There are many brands producing wine coolers every day, but you should avoid distractions and focus on the best of them all. Wine coolers can be expensive but are not as expensive as constructing a wine cellar. Nevertheless, it is a good investment and worth the splurge.

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